Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Documenting the value of your classic, collector or custom ride

Are you getting under paid for your totaled vehicle?

We can get you the money you’re owed!

Diminished Value = the loss in value a vehicle takes after an accident

You might be owed big money if: your car isn’t a lease; you weren’t at fault; no prior accidents w/car

Top Reasons To Have Your Vehicle Appraised

Legal Matters- Independent appraisals for probate, divorce and bankruptcy

Top Reasons To Have Your Vehicle Appraised

Donation/Gift: The IRS requires an appraisal for any substantial gift to charity or eligible museum. Schedule yours today!

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How much is your vehicle worth? Auto Appraisal Network-Detroit has your answer!

We provide select nationwide on-line and virtual vehicle appraisals.

We offer on-site vehicle inspections and appraisal services in Michigan and Northern Ohio.  

Michigan's #1 Rated Appraisal & Vehicle Inspection Company!

Checkout our Google reviews to see why our clients confidently refer their family and friends to us. 

We appraise cars, trucks, motorcycles, campers, RVs, boats, and marine vehicles. No need to bring your vehicle to us. Our experienced, certified appraisers come to you in less than 48 hours. If that's not convenient enough, we offer select on-line virtual appraisals when appropriate.  

If you have a custom vehicle, we have you covered. We have one of the nation's largest databases of classic and custom vehicles to value your ride properly.

Here's just a few of the services we offer:

radiator sludge ppiClassic and Late Model Year Vehicle Pre-purchase Inspections -Our vehicle inspections include up to 200 HD images, videos, and a Google Meet follow-up so you can buy with confidence. All of our car inspectors have years of automotive restoration and collision repair experience. Safeguard your wallet and loved ones by having a skilled restoration and collision expert conduct a comprehensive pre-purchase vehicle inspection. We're Michigan's #1 Rated Vehicle Inspection Company! 

prior to lossPrior-To-Loss Appraisal Services - Are you tired of arguing with the insurance company over your vehicles' pre-loss value? Invoke your right to an appraisal and let our experienced, certified appraisers get you paid what you're due for your total loss auto, motorcycle, camper, boat, or RV claim, without you dealing with your insurance company. We've raised our clients' settlements by more than $3,000,000 in just over three years by invoking their insurance "appraisal clause."

We have over 35 years of insurance negotiation expertise to get you the highest total loss settlement. Ordinarily, our certified appraisers can settle your insurance dispute in less than two weeks.  

dsc02703Replacement/Agreed Value appraisals - You must have a certified appraisal to insure your custom or rare vehicle properly with an Agreed Value policy and not a Stated Value Policy that pays you a fraction of your investment. 

Contact us for your specialty vehicle, boat and diminished value certified appraisals, pre-purchase inspections, and total loss claims dispute help. Providing professional on-site inspections in the state of Michigan and northern Ohio. In addition, we offer a wide variety of on-line & virtual appraisal services nationwide. 

dsc02552We have the experience and an extensive database of classic car research, along with most all motorized vehicles, to appraise your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or RV fairly and accurately for insurance needs, private-party and dealer resale, financing, internet pre-purchase inspections, divorce settlements, probate cases and estate planning.

We provide virtual and on-site surety bond appraisals required by the State of Michigan for lost and jumped titles. 

Check out our Services page for more information. 

Professional Appraiser

Auto Appraisal Network-Detroit provides professional certified appraisals throughout Michigan. 

Marty Ruth

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    Pre-purchase inspection - by Gordon Pumphrey, 2023-04-13 12:04:26

    3.80 / 5 stars

    I had located a classic car in Michigan that I was interested in. At the time I was in Florida for the winter. I was lucky enough to find Marty Ruth to perform a PPI for me. Marty took a couple hundred HD pictures with notes. We had a zoom meeting to go over the pictures together. His meticulous pictures and his opinions I received during the zoom meeting was just like being there in person. Even if I had gone there to look at the car myself I still would not have seen all that Marty pointed out. We exchanged emails, texts and phone calls and Marty was always prompt to get back to me when I had questions. What a personable and professional person to do business with. I highly recommend the services of Marty Ruth.

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