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Motorcycle Appraisals

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One question we get asked all the time is, do you guys appraise custom bikes? Yes, we appraise custom bikes, in fact we appraise lots of them!


Stock Harley's or Special Construction, Chopper, or Fully Dressed Cruiser's- we appraise a lot of them.  
Honestly, factory stock isn't for everyone! We are all individuals, and everyone wants a bike to reflect their individuality. Naturally, we want other riders to notice our bikes, so we add minor or major modifications to set our bikes apart.
Of course, all this comes at a price. It's not unusual for owners to invest more money into customizing a bike than it costs to buy stock. Alternatively, you might buy a turnkey custom bike from one of the excellent custom bike fabricators, often costing several times more than what a 'Plain Jane' or 'off the shelf' model might cost.
Unfortunately, so many of these bikes wind up getting stolen or totaled and end up a part of an ongoing, time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating insurance dispute.
The bottom line is that if you, your bank, or your insurance company can't look in a book and find out exactly what your motorcycle is worth, then the conventional value guides don't apply to a bike like yours.
You've got to protect your investment. Have it professionally appraised by Auto Appraisal Network Detroit.

All appraisal prices include:

  • A digital copy of the appraisal. 

(Available within 7-10 days after the appraisal, depending on difficulty of locating comps)

  • A printed copy of the appraisal. 

(Available within 7-10 days following the digital disbursement)

  • Pre/post-inspection file administration.
  • Approximately sixty-five digital images of the vehicle
  • A detailed condition report
  • Custom options list.
  • Comparable national pricing provided by our corporate office.
  • An in-person vehicle inspection.
  • Travel within twenty-five miles one way. (Travel further than 25 miles will incur a travel fee of $50/hr. of travel time.

The inspection takes about 45 to 60 minutes.

We Appraise Bikes! 

out of 8 ratings



out of 8 ratings

Auto Appraisal Network - Detroit

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Motorcycle Appraisals