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Five must haves before you buy your dream car

A classic car buyers guide
Five things you must have before you buy

November 4, 2020


Five critical things you need to consider before buying a classic car


Too often, you hear the horror stories of a person’s classic dream car morphing into a nightmare. And not because they bought a 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine. You remember the 1983 horror film where the car heals itself and protects its owner by any means—even deadly ones only if classic car ownership could be that easy.

For the past thirty years, I was a leader in the collision repair industry. There’s one common thread in mentoring a teammate to be successful—proper preparation! Yes, it’s the critical key to obtaining and sustaining victory in everything, including owning your dream car. There are five “must-have” things every classic car purchaser needs to think long and hard about before taking the leap and getting in way too deep.

I’m Marty with Auto Appraisal Network – Detroit. Having been around car people for over three decades, I’ve witnessed and learned the key elements that make or break the “car-loving spirit” we’ve all experienced walking around the car shows or sitting idle along the curb as the cruisers take to the road. It’s like bringing your child home from the hospital the first day—you better be prepared, or there’s going to be a whole heck of a lot of screaming and crying. But this time it won’t be a baby, it’ll be you!

Auto Appraisal Network – Detroit offers a wide variety of services that help protect you before, during, and after your purchase.

Here are the TOP 5 things you need to have before obtaining and sustaining your sheet metal sweetheart:

1.)    Allies – Never buy a classic car without having a circle of trustworthy automotive resources. Bringing your vehicle to the wrong mechanic, upholsterer, or body shop will cost you thousands. It’s right up there with not getting an appraisal or pre-purchase inspection. You’ll look back and wish you had done your homework.

2.)    Space – Most likely, you’re not going to be driving your sheet metal sweetheart as your daily driver. You need to plan for storage. Inside temperature-controlled storage can cost anywhere from $175 to $400 per month.

3.)    Time – Like in life, you’re not just going to be joyriding all the time—the good life takes effort—plan on spending lots of time maintaining and fixing any of your investment. Nothing comes easy!

4.)    Money – Yes, and lots of it! Let’s face it aging isn’t cheap. As your car —and you—get old, every day presents new expenses to stay alive and thrive. Set a budget in advance and then multiple it by ten. Owning your dream doesn’t come cheap.

5.)    Patience – Just like having kids or pets—there’s going to be those moments! You know the ones. The nagging, neediness is pushing you to your limits all damn day. Then it all comes to a calm while they rest like angels, and you forget all about the other stuff. Your bold-body baby is going to put you through the same @#$%.


There’s one saving grace—it’s all worth it as you’re cruis’n with your sheet metal sweetheart, and people twist their necks to check out the hot couple.

 Let Auto Appraisal Network – Detroit be your best ally in purchasing your classic car or motorcycle.







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Five must haves before you buy your dream car Five must haves before you buy your dream car

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Five must haves before you buy your dream car