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"What's it worth?"

“What's it worth?”

October 15, 2020 


Marty Ruth



“What is it worth?”  -  It’s the number one question I get asked as an appraiser. Here’s the simple answer—"what someone will pay for it.” I’m Marty Ruth, the owner of  Auto Appraisal Network-Detroit. Just like many of you, I’ve bought and sold plenty of cars, motorcycles, houses—just about everything. What truly matters is—someone else wants what you have.

Through good fortune, I’ve appraised some of the most spectacular classic automobiles—you know the one— always hand washed and polished on Sundays, never seen rain or snow, numbers matching, with lower mileage than the number of calendar days since it rolled out of the factory. Yeah, that one! The perfect time capsule.  

I’ve also appraised those Mod-Rods and restored right done to the correct nut and bolt masterpieces. Every part meticulously recreated to equally or better than new condition. Each piece of highly polished chrome reflects like a topnotch mirror. The leather stretched to perfection like it was still strapped to the back of the sacrificial beast it was borrowed from. Muah, a beauty!

Then there’s that raw, all-natural, Patinaed, somehow made it through the years classic that smells old when you crack open the door. Scarred by dents, scratches, and a perfect layer of surface rust its only savior was a Hail Mary!

All three shared examples have tremendous value—to the buyer. A seller can stick any price he or she wants on a car, but it won’t sell if it’s overpriced. So, you say, price it low and it will go! There’s a lot of truth to that, but if that’s the case donate it! It will be gone even faster. If you get an appraisal and share it with prospective buyers, nine out of ten times you’re going to get more dough!

Here’s why —marketability! There’s a huge benefit to paying for an appraisal before listing your car for sale. You'll attract a much larger, deep pocketed crowd—financed backed buyers. Yes, you read that right. To a fault, sellers love hearing those two seemingly magic words “cash buyer.” Unfortunately, the magic behind a cash buyer is usually a curse for the seller. Those dollar signs blind even the most experienced seller into parting with their car for less money simply for a quicker sale—potentially.  

If you jump at a cash sale without a professional appraisal, you’ll be left holding the bag and it won’t be a bag full of money.  When you have an Auto Appraisal Network-Detroit appraisal, you’ve got the golden ticket. Financial institutions will expedite a full appraised priced sale as quick or faster than cash. Don’t be fooled by into selling your car for less money. Call Marty Ruth, the appraisal guy you want on your side.


If you’re considering selling your classic car, motorcycle, boat, RV, or tractor contact Auto Appraisal Network-Detroit today!     




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