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Classic car change time of year

Autumn's color change brings other changes too.

SEP 24, 2020 by Marty Ruth


Autumn, a time of year bathed in deep reds, light yellows, and burnt orange - a fiery display of the nature in transition. A time of year, where the hot days of summer come to a cool close, gracefully surrendering to its victor. Fall winds blow summer fun into the history books.


The classic car, boat and motorcycle season silently fades away with the long days of summer for those in the great plane and northern states. A time of weighted thoughts - "should I sell or should I store."  Auto Appraisal Network - Detroit, can help you make the best financial decision.   


The leaves aren't the only thing bound to change. It's a wonderful time to capitalize on your investment. There's a flurry of negotiations brewing between buyers and sellers of Classic cars, boats, and motorcycles. Not every state will be buried under snow in the months ahead. The southern states are firing up for a long season of picture-perfect weather, creating a cross country buying frenzy. 


If you're considering selling or buying you need to partner with an experienced professional appraiser. Just like buying a home, a classic purchase is a big investment. Financial institutions want an appraisal and a condition inspection to help support a smart investment. You should too! Many eager purchases bypass these two important steps on ly to find out their value too late. 



Auto Appraisal Network - Detroit provides you with peace of mind by providing you a pre-purchase inspection and finance appraisal.  In addition, our appraisals our nationally recognized by insurance providers. Contact Marty Ruth for your appraisal appointment today.  I have more than thirty years in the auto collision repair industry with a trained eye. I'm the best choice to all your appraisal and pre-purchase needs.  


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Classic car change time of year Classic car change time of year

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Classic car change time of year