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How to tell if a classic car dealership is trustworthy

Finding a trustworthy classic car dealership

September 7, 2020 by Marty Ruth


You're finally ready to buy that classic dream car. You're a shrewd shopper. You know the difference between intrinsic and fair market value. However, classic cars have superpowers that lead many of the stealth purchasers right into costly temptation. You know the ones, those classic American-made muscle cars that fornicate a range of adolescent memories every time you're in their presence- Yeah, those!


You might be that rare first-time buyer with excellent "Carma." For the rest of us, we need to research, retain, and reap. It sounds simple, right? Not really.


I'm Marty from Auto Appraisal Network-Detroit. I've been inspecting, appraising, buying and repairing cars for more than thirty years. The most important thing you can use to protect yourself from buying the wrong car, and adding to the seemingly endless classic car purchasing horror stories, is knowledge. You may ask yourself, "Where can I get the knowledge I need to be a smart buyer?" 


First, you need to do your homework to pass the classic car buying test with an 'A+'. Here's a few things you should do:


1.) Use the internet to research credible classic car dealers - ⭐Read all the reviews⭐.

2.) Contact your local Better Business Bureau for the dealerships approval ranking.

3.) Check with industry affiliates who work with the dealer in questions and verify their reputation.

4.) Contact a local Classic Car Appraiser. They'll usually tell you, or hint at, who is reputable and who to avoid. 

5.) Join Facebook Classic Car groups - Ask members about trustworthy, reputable dealers. 


Ok, you've done your homework. The classic car dealer passed with flying colors. You and your best car buddy white gloved your dream car. Don't buy on fly, retain the right appraisal guy!  An experienced, qualified appraiser will perform a pre-purchase inspection and finance appraisal. 


If you've ever bought a house you probably remember two critical approval steps required by your lender - (1) Home Inspection and (2) an Appraisal. Why not use this same ideology to safeguard you when buying your dream car? After all, it's a big investment and you should reap the rewards of your hard work. 


Contact me today, Marty at Auto Appraisal Network - Detroit.






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How to tell if a classic car dealership is trustworthy How to tell if a classic car dealership is trustworthy

Besides the normal tell-tale signs, you should consider these useful resources to determine if you can trust a classic car dealer.

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How to tell if a classic car dealership is trustworthy